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Key takeaways from "The Generative AI Dossier" report published by Deloitte

CFTE summarised “The Generative AI Dossier” report by Deloitte.  A curated collection of Generative AI use cases designed to help spark ideas, reveal value-driving deployments, and set organizations on a road to making the most valuable use of this powerful new technology

Key Aspects

  • The Generative AI Dossier” highlights six industries, including consumer; energy, resources and industrial; financial services; government and public services; life sciences and health care; and technology, media and telecommunications.
  • Through its collection of business-ready use cases and applications, the report details the various advantages of Generative AI in driving efficiency, creativity, speed, scale and capacity and highlights modalities and considerations for risk and trust

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Generative A
  2. Six Key Modalities of Generative A
  3. Broad Categories of Value Capture from Generative AI 
  4. 60 Use Cases Across Industries

Key Findings and Insights

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