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Key takeaways from Blockchain and generative AI: A perfect pairing? report published by KPMG

CFTE summarised  Blockchain and generative AI: A perfect pairing? report by  KPMG. Blockchain’s ability to decentralize identity and verification could prove invaluable as artificial intelligence carves out a bigger role in content generation.

Key Aspects

  • Explore the synergy between blockchain technology and generative AI in protecting intellectual property (IP) 
  • Blockchain may be the solution to protect Intellecture Property (IP) in the era of generative AI, offering a way to ensure proper attribution and potentially even receive royalties for IP use.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Blockchain and Generative AI
  2. The Challenge of IP Protection in AI-Enabled World
  3. Blockchain as a Solution for Safeguarding IP
  4. Example Scenarios and Applications
  5. The Future of IP Management with Blockchain and AI
  6. How KPMG Can Assist in Implementing Blockchain for IP Protection

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