The New Skills in Finance Report 2022

In a digital-transforming era, there is a widening skills gap for those who cannot adapt to the new digital world in finance. 

CFTE and Elevandi published the report with the discussion with leading experts to help governments, organisations and individuals address the current skills gap in finance and build a digital-resilient workforce in the industry.

Key Insights

Key takeaways from "The flip side of generative AI: Challenges and risks around responsible use" report published by KPMG

CFTE summarised “The flip side of generative AI: Challenges and risks around responsible use” report by KPMG. The report looks at the risk management challenges raised by generative AI and underscore the importance for organizations to identify these risks early, form governance constructs to help adopt generative AI responsibly, and understand how risks may impact building trust in the use of generative AI. 

Key Aspects

  • The report examines the potential and challenges of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in business contexts, particularly highlighting the risks and ethical considerations associated with its use.
  • Discussing how generative AI facilitates quick and cost-effective content creation but also brings significant risks like IP theft, fraud, and reputational damage.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Potential of Generative AI in Business
  • Risks from Within: Intellectual Property and Employee Misuse
  • Inaccurate Results and External Risks
  • Steps for Building Responsible AI Governance

Key Findings and Insights

This report will give you an insight into:

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