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"A new era of generative AI for everyone" report published by Accenture

CFTE summarised “A new era of generative AI for everyone” report by  Accenture. The report discusses the transformative power of generative AI and the actions companies need to take to capitalize on the capabilities this technology can build for your business.

Key Aspects

  • The report discusses the transformative potential of generative AI, particularly focusing on the impact of ChatGPT and similar technologies. 
  • It covers the journey to generative AI, the current landscape, and future prospects, emphasizing the significant changes these technologies will bring to business, science, and society. 
  • The report highlights how large language models (LLMs) have cracked the code on language complexity, allowing machines to be independently generative and creative, and how businesses can leverage these advancements for increased productivity and innovation

Table of Contents

  • Welcome to AI’s new inflection point
  • How did we get here? | Milestones in the journey to generative AI
  • Consume or customize: Generative AI for everyone
  • A look ahead at the fast-paced evolution of technology, regulation and business
  • Embrace the generative AI era: Six adoption essentials
  • The future of AI is accelerating
  • Glossary and References
  • Authors

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