The New Skills in Finance Report 2022

In a digital-transforming era, there is a widening skills gap for those who cannot adapt to the new digital world in finance. 

CFTE and Elevandi published the report with the discussion with leading experts to help governments, organisations and individuals address the current skills gap in finance and build a digital-resilient workforce in the industry.

Key Insights

Key takeaways from "The transformative power of generative AI" report published by JP Morgan Asset Management.

CFTE summarised “The transformative power of generative AI” report by JP Morgan Asset Management. This paper addresses the significant potential implications of AI, especially generative AI, for the economy, workers and financial markets.

Key Aspects

  • The report examines the impact of generative AI technologies, emphasizing their potential to revolutionize work, innovation, and creation. 
  • It delves into how generative AI, which can generate human-like output across various domains, could become a general-purpose technology with transformative implications for the global economy

Table of Contents

  • The transformative potential of generative AI
  • Work in an age of AI automation
  • With considerable promise comes considerable risk
  • Key asset class implications

Key Findings and Insights

This report will give you an insight into:

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Be AI-ready in this digital era

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