Wirecard: A Hot Startup, A Billion Dollar Fraud | (With Dan McCrum from Financial Times) | Fintech

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What went wrong with Wirecard? The #payment processing giant was Germany’s #tech darling during the period where #Europe was desperate for a tech champion. Dan McCrum, however, thought the company’s #profits were too good to be true, and through countless documents given by whistleblowers had exposed the company for forging backdated #contracts and faking sales #transactions.

Bringing the biggest #Fintech company of #Germany down however was not easy. Dan’s reputation was smeared by the media, finance #watchdogs, and the #regulators of attempting market price #manipulation, revealing how willing the financial elites are to ignore corruption by their ‘ally’. In this episode, you will hear how Dan’s #persistence and #journalism #integrity helped him win a 6-year long battle against Wirecard, and the twists and turns that occurred in the financial investigation of the decade . The extraordinary story will unveil:

🔹Stimulus behind the investigation

🔹Escalation of the case and the ‘German gangsters’

🔹How did Wirecard bypass the financial regulators

🔹Are there more ‘Wirecards’ lingering?

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Hosted by Gaurav Dhar and Ronit Ghose