Building a Neobank: Success Story of YAP (YAP with Marwan Hachem) | Fintech

Fintech & Web3 Founders Podcasts Series

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Our expert hosts Ronit and Gaurav welcome Marwan Hachem, Founder & Group CEO of YAP, one of the most innovative digital banking apps in the sector, which encourages healthy spending habits, where he shared his fintech entrepreneurship journey.

Ronit and Gaurav asked Marwan tips and advices on how to survive in the current competitive Fintech landscape and innovate the best products to consumers; some topics we covered (and a lot more!):

  • YAP business model and products
  • How to adapt your business during expansion
  • Achieving sustainable business success
  • Fundraising and competition in the Fintech start-up scene
  • Challenges for Fintech start-ups in the bear market

You can watch the sessions below on Youtube, or listen it on Apple and Spotify Podcasts.

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Fintech & Web3 Founders Podcasts

Hosted by Gaurav Dhar and Ronit Ghose