Creating A Webstore In Few Clicks – Possible? ( with Monis Rahman) | Fintech

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Among the earliest tech veterans in Pakistan, Monis Rahman has been building large VC funded tech companies since 2008, his records demonstrated in the Forbes’ Ten Big Hitting Asian Businessmen Under 50. Monis created the template for new economy companies in the country and his latest venture, is a platform that revolutionises e-commerce for small businesses.

On Episode 8 of #FintechandWeb3Founders series, Monis comes on our show to share about the promising Fintech landscape of Pakistan from the country’s evolution of human talent, transition to online economy, fundraising boom and the ever growing investment opportunities presented.

In Q1 of 2022, Pakistan’s massive fintech sector has raised $284m of fundings so far, an impressive number amid the global funding crisis. Our conversation saw Monis underlining how Pakistan’s fintech sector is in its nascent stage; while it might slow down this year, attractiveness will remain. Why? Pakistan is no longer viewed by investors as a risk factor but as an opportunity. It’s not just financial flows – there have been tens of millions of new online users in the past few years who have access to smartphones and the internet economy. And Pakistani talent is now flying home, leaving jobs overseas to help build technology-driven services for this changing country! 

Many topics you don’t want to miss out in this session: 

🔹 Building start-up ventures in the early stage of Pakistan’s VC market 

🔹 The evolution of human talent 

🔹 Competitive landscape of the current start-up scene

🔹 Helping the marginalised through Fintech 

🔹 Pakistan’s Fintech boom – A flash in the pan?

As Monis said,

“Pakistan’s growth is booming, and my concern is the market might not be able to get talent fast enough to fill this growth.”

Monis Rahman, Co-Founder & CEO,, Chairman & Co-Founder, Finja, CEO,

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