FinTech & Metaverse: Nordic Innovation, Global Impact (with Thomas Krogh Jensen and Mads Troelsgaard) | Fintech & Web3

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Why do we need Metaverse for corporates?

We had such a good time talking about the innovative Nordic Fintech landscape and Metaverse opportunities with Thomas Krogh Jensen and Mads Troelsgaard on Fintech and Web3 Founders!

They shared their latest predictions about the future of Fintech brought from the content-packed Nordic Fintech Week 2022, but also how the Metaverse creates new opportunities in the workforce!

In this episode, we answered those questions:
🔹 How the Nordic region is leading the sustainability and innovation worldwide
🔹 Why do we need Metaverse for corporates?
🔹 What are the different use cases of Fintech and Metaverse from all around the world
🔹 Will the Metaverse replace travel completely?

Happy Nordic Fintech Week!

You can watch the sessions below on Youtube, or listen it on Apple and Spotify Podcasts.

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