How to Launch the Next Alipay? (PaySky with Waleed Sadek) | Fintech

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Our 11th episode of the Fintech Founders series welcomes Waleed Sadek, Founder and CEO of PaySky that is democratising e-payment solutions for everyone including businesses, consumers and financial institutions worldwide. Waleed Sadek shared with us about Paysky’s vast payments offerings, its Yalla Super App that has seen the number of users skyrocketed in Egypt, and the company’s approach in launching products in different regional markets.

On the B2B side, PaySky digitises payment infrastructures for financial institutions, telco operators and merchants through its super payment gateway. The company is providing a digital enabler layer on top of legacy infrastructures, enabling banks to become more disruptive and be on par with other Fintech players.

On the B2C side, the company’s Yalla App is Egypt’s first super-app, offering almost everything from payments, remittance, investment propositions to e-commerce marketplace and services. During this session, we chatted with Waleed on several topics relating to consumer demand for superapps and working with financial regulators, including:

🔹 What is PaySky 

🔹 Offerings within the Yalla super-app 

🔹 How consumer demand for superapps differ in different countries 

🔹 Partnerships between Fintech and Banks – is it just a PR strategy?

🔹 The funding landscape and fostering Fintech talent

As Waleed said,

Only 33% of the Egyptian market is banked, the rest is underbanked. When we launched the app in 2021, and it was a blast in Egypt.

Waleed Sadek, Founder and CEO of PaySky

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