Polygon: Decrypting the Future of Web3 (with Jaynti Kanani, Co-Founder of Polygon) | Web3

Fintech & Web3 Founders Podcasts Series

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How will #TheMerge affect you? In this episode, we welcomed Polygon Technology’s co-founder Jaynti Kanani and discuss the latest development on Web3!

Our hosts Ronit Ghose and Gaurav Dhar chatted with went from the genesis of Polygon to the Merge to understand what the future holds for blockchain and Web3. Here’s what you can expect in more detail:

🔹 Why is the Merge important?
🔹 Why Polygon is needed
🔹 Future blockchain use cases (away from any hype)
🔹 Why Dubai is the Web3 capital of India
🔹 Bonus: What his parents thinks he does

You can watch the sessions below on Youtube, or listen it on Apple and Spotify Podcasts.

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Fintech & Web3 Founders Podcasts

Hosted by Gaurav Dhar and Ronit Ghose