Redefining NFTs & Blockchain Interoperability (with Sarthak Bakshi and Temujin Louie) | Web3

Fintech & Web3 Founders Podcasts Series

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Why do we see more hacks in blockchain ecosystem? We were thrilled to host Sarthak Bakshi and Temujin Louie and discuss blockchain interoperability and the future outlook of Web3!

In this episode hosted by Ronit Ghose and Gaurav Dhar, we explored what it takes to enable interoperability between blockchains, the mass adoption of NFTs and blockchain, and many more! Some topics you should listen out for in this session:

🔹 Do we need more blockchain solutions?
🔹 Why do we see more hacks in blockchain ecosystem?
🔹 Future outlook of Blockchain in 2030
🔹 The possibility of driving blockchain adoption through interoperability

You can watch the sessions below on Youtube, or listen it on Apple and Spotify Podcasts.

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Fintech & Web3 Founders Podcasts

Hosted by Gaurav Dhar and Ronit Ghose