Future-proofing India’s fintech architecture (Setu with Sahil Kini) | Fintech

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Our expert hosts Ronit and Gaurav are joined with the talented Sahil Kini, on Episode 5 of the Fintech Founders Series to talk about his API infrastructure start-up, Setu. With his help we discovered how Setu is bridging the banks and fintech start-ups together, and how the company are able to develop cutting-edge solutions to cater to India’s massive consumer demand for financial products.

Through its APIs solutions, Setu is empowering financial institutions to reach customers from nearly every application through seamless integration. One simple example is Setu’s account aggregator product which compiles a user’s bank account information and allows the user to share this data to another app with ease. 

In this episode, you will learn much more about Fintech architecture and APIs from Sahil, a Fintech veteran who was involved in the early building stage of large-scale public digital platforms in India. We covered topics including (and much more!):

🔹 The founding story of Setu 

🔹 Impact of India’s UPI on the fintech ecosystem

🔹 What building an API infrastructure within a bank entails 

🔹 Setu’s APIs products and solutions 

🔹 The future vision for Setu

As Sahil said,

I feel a deep sense of responsibility to build something which has an impact on people who need it the most.

Sahil Kini, Co-Founder of Setu

You can watch the sessions below on Youtube, or listen it on Apple and Spotify Podcasts.

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