How to Build the Next Visa? (Simpl with Nitya Sharma) | Fintech

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Our fourth episode features Nitya Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO of Simpl that is leading the Buy-now, Pay-later scene in India. Simpl was launched in 2015, and now has over 7 million users and 15,000 merchants integrating its credit payment and BNPL system. The BNPL app is simplifying online shopping experiences for customers to do one-tap purchases and then pay later with ease and transparency.

Recalling the beginning of Simpl, Sharma shared it started with an ‘itch’ that occurred when he went back to India; his credit card application was rejected by a bank. This episode will walk you through Sharma’s journey from being a Wall Street trader to an entrepreneur in the emerging market of India; our conversation covered:

🔹 Traditional finance v. Entrepreneurship

🔹 Sharma’s big realisation moments and ideation behind Simpl

🔹 Relationship between Fintechs and the incumbents 

🔹 A retailer’s journey to customers and Simpl’s role in it

🔹 BNPL market in India

As Nitya said,

“If you believe in something don’t give up, often it could seem like the end of the world, but what separates winners from others is carrying on.”

Nitya Sharma, Founder of Simpl

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