What are The Hottest Emerging Countries for Fintech Investing? | (With Dave Nangle from VEF) | Fintech

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💥 We just concluded our super fun and insightful session about investing in Fintech across emerging markets with Dave Nangle, managing director of VEF! Backed by some of the largest investment companies such as Fidelity Investments and Wellington Management, VEF is a permanent capital vehicle focusing on Fintech businesses across the emerging world, providing their investors with great access to the fast growth private Fintech space.

In this episode hosted by Ronit Ghose and Gaurav Dhar, we learned from Dave about VEF as a leading permanent capital vehicle for Fintech investors, his outlook of different emerging markets across MENA and the company’s investment approach to building a successful Fintech portfolio! Topics you will hear:

🔹 Switching from banking to private equity
🔹 What is a permanent capital vehicle (PCV)?
🔹 Attractive Fintech companies and emerging markets
🔹 Outlook on the MENA Fintech market
🔹 How long will the current shakeout in fintech and VC investing last?

You can watch the sessions below on Youtube, or listen it on Apple and Spotify Podcasts.

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Fintech & Web3 Founders Podcasts

Hosted by Gaurav Dhar and Ronit Ghose