Card-Issuing API: A Pan-African Opportunity (Union54 with Perseus Mlambo) | Fintech

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Perseus Mlambo was our guest on episode six of the Fintech Founders Series and with his help we learned more Union54, Africa’s first card-issuing API. The process of card issuance for many companies is a painstaking one, as it comes with many complex regulatory requirements and time consuming licensing processes with the issuer banks. Union54’s API solution enables businesses to skip the compliance work, and seamlessly issue virtual payment cards on their app or website in just 48 hours without needing a bank or third party processor.

The start-up has already proved high potential by attracting funds from some of the largest investors such as yCombinator and Tiger Global. In Episode 6’s discussion, we chatted with the Co-founder, Perseus, who offered meaningful insights on:

🔹 The original inspiration of Union54 and what is card-issuance API

🔹 Consumer needs in Africa regarding payments

🔹 Tailoring a product for African markets  

🔹 Fundraising as a start-up

As Perseus said,

“The biggest problem was not that farmers did not have enough information, it was that they did not have access to good quality financial services. So they did not know more about money, or Fintech. As a result, they could not participate in the global economy.

Perseus Mlambo, Ceo OF Union54

You can watch the sessions below on Youtube, or listen it on Apple and Spotify Podcasts.

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