Accelerate your Fintech journey

Exclusively priced for SC Ventures community, CFTE offers bespoke fintech learning led by the global industry experts.

CFTE and SC Ventures join forces to share the latest insight into the world of fintech, innovation and AI with the members of the community.

SC Ventures Community Members can unlock a variety of opportunities:

  • Exclusive Discounts on THINK and Accredited Courses: Receive 20% off on over 200 online video courses in our on-demand THINK platform, and a 10% discount on accredited, specialisation programs on topics such as AI in Finance, Open Banking and Platforms, Blockchain & Digital Assets, Regtech in Finance, and Fintech 360.
  • Share Your Expert Knowledge: Shape the future of Fintech by collaborating with CFTE in developing industry-special short courses.
  • Complimentary masterclasses: Get an insider look into the world of financial technology with our online masterclasses

Prepare for the future of finance by honing your expertise in the world of financial technology and endless opportunities it offers.

10% off

Accredited Courses

Certified courses

20% off

On-demand Learning Platform

video courses

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Gain an edge of the world of Digital Finance

Free Online Masterclasses

Learn the foundation of Fintech

Fintech 360 Programme

Exclusive Offer: 10% off

Curated with leaders at the forefront the Digital Finance, this course includes video lectures, interviews with guest speakers, supplementary readings and tests, which guide participants through the entire Fintech environment. 

In just 15 minutes a day, over 6 weeks, this programme will give you the skill-set and knowledge to stay at the centre of the digital transformation of finance.

You’ll lean everything about Fintech, AI, Payments, Open Banking, RegTech and Digital Assets.

Master the future of finance

Online Specialisations

Exclusive Offer: 10% off

Blockchain and Digital Assets

Learn the fundamentals of blockchain technology and the global use cases of blockchain and digital assets in different sectors. 

AI in Finance

Learn the foundations of AI technology and the global use cases to keep you updated with new trends and technologies

Payments in Digital Finance

Learn the fundamentals of digital payment and how it is impacting future financial stability and monetary policy.

Open Banking and Platforms

Learn the foundations of Open Finance and how can financial institutions leverage platforms in finance.

Keep learning with short courses

THINK On-Demand Platform

Exclusive Offer: 20% off


What is the partnership about?

CFTE and SC Ventures collaborated to share knowledge about the latest trends in AI, technology, blockchain and all things fintech. SC Ventures community members get a chance to become experts in the field through exclusive offers on CFTE online learning programs.

What kind of perks you get?

The promotion was developed exclusively for SC Ventures community members and includes a 10% discount on all accredited courses by CFTE (AI in Finance, Open Banking and Platforms, Blockchain & Digital Assets, Regtech in Finance, and Fintech 360), 20% off THINK platform subscription and access to online masterclasses organised by CFTE. Plus, participants get a chance to take part in research initiatives of the fintech ecosystem.

How do I get the coupon code?

To unlock the offer, contact Fintech Tuesdays or CFTE team to get your coupon code.

To redeem your coupon, choose a course you want to unlock → click on enrol now or join membership depending on a program → at the checkout page, click on Have a coupon? and insert your code → process payment as usual and enjoy your learning journey!

Is it exclusive for Fintech Tuesdays members?

The offer is exclusive for members of SC Ventures community. To become a member, contact SC Ventures directly.

How do I contact the CFTE team?

For any enquiries, contact CFTE team via the Contact Us form. 

Can I share the code with Someone?

These offers are exclusive for SC Ventures. If they are members of the SC Ventures network, you can go ahead and share the code – or encourage them to reach out to CFTE directly via the Contact Us button.

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