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efinancial Careers | How fintech is transforming jobs across financial services | Webinar

November 30, 2021

How is Fintech transforming jobs across financial services

The digital skills revolutionising the finance sector

Large financial institutions are undertaking vast digital transformation programmes as they react to the rapid growth of fintech firms. They are also hiring in the tens of thousands to support their ongoing drive to digitise. But as banks and other established players ramp up their recruitment, fintech firms are doing the same.

This webinar, run by eFinancialCareers and hosted by former Citi MD Huy Nguyen Trieu, the Co-founder of CFTE, examines the differences and similarities between the hiring priorities of fintechs and traditional financial institutions. It informs recruiters working for large banks about the hiring strategies of their competitors in the fintech world, and how they may need to adapt their own hiring as a result.

By joining this webinar you will:

Learn how the rise of the fintech sector is posing new challenges for recruitment and retention at established financial institutions.

Uncover 14 core “job families” within fintech firms – based on extensive new research from CFTE – and contrast them with roles at large banks.

Pinpoint the most sought-after soft skills in fintech, and examine how fintech-inspired workplace culture could reshape the wider financial industry.



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