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ADGM Academy is the academic pillar of Abu Dhabi Global Market, an award-winning international financial centre strategically located in the capital of the UAE.

ADGMA has the goal of upskilling and reskilling the entire region, with a focus on ensuring that the industry has the necessary technology skills. One area of importance for them was artificial intelligence, leading to the launch of a programme on AI in finance in partnership with another organisation, to assist government bodies in the UAE in acquiring the right skills in AI.

CFTE and ADGMA have partnered to help develop a workforce that understands the innovative possibilities of artificial intelligence in finance, amidst a world that is continually evolving. In this capacity, CFTE and ADGM Academy joined forces to co-create the AI in Finance Certification.

This was the starting point for further collaboration on digital transformation programmes, with a focus on government employees to understand, be aware and be part of digital transformation. The idea behind this is that change needs to start from the top for the whole industry to follow.


The AI in Finance Certification is designed to disrupt the traditional mindset in finance. It aims to give participants a foundational knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and an opportunity to learn how this disruptive technology is applied to financial services both locally in MENA, and globally.

With knowledge curated by global industry experts, the programme covers all aspects of AI in finance: from the understanding of AI technologies to their applications, and from ethical considerations to implementation in the enterprise.

This comprehensive AI in Finance programme is undoubtedly the formula to drive innovation across the industry and a tool to help reinforce Abu Dhabi’s leading position in financial services, regionally and globally.


The programme is designed under 2 main pillars, Data and Artificial Intelligence, with 8 courses in 4 weeks.

  • Fundamentals of new data in Finance
  • Data infrastructure from APIs to Cloud
  • Ethics and consideration of data
  • Data toolkit
  • Technologies of AI
  • Applying AI in Finance: framework and use cases
  • Implementing AI in financial institutions
  • Responsible and sustainable AI
  • Results

    The 4-week interactive program, led by CFTE’s renowned academic and industry experts from top universities and financial institutions, enabled participants to acquire practical skills through team projects.

    Upon completion of the program, learners received 8 CPD certificates, showcasing their ability to apply their knowledge of AI in financial services to their job and effectively leverage AI within their firm with the appropriate tools and techniques.

    The partnership between CFTE and ADGMA continues and will be launching the school of digital assets soon.

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