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Upskill the Egyptian workforce in the Banking, Financial, and FinTech sectors


With the mission of creating an inclusive and digital-resilient ecosystem, the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) supports and contributes to the development and advancement of Fintech talents by providing training and creating job opportunities for talents in this promising field.

In line with the Central Bank of Egypt’s FinTech & Innovation strategy, with its vision to become a globally recognised Fintech hub in the Arab world and Africa, FinTech Egypt – an initiative by the CBE, launched its first “Digital Academy”, aiming to empower employees with the right skills in the banking, financial and FinTech sector.

In this capacity, CFTE and CBE have partnered to build a workforce that can drive the innovative initiative in the world of digital finance.


The Innovator Programme is a 6-months self-paced online course oered in English through the Digital Academy for early adopters in the banking, finance and FinTech industry who are in a position to embrace innovation and drive for the future of the industry.

The programme gives a 360 degree view on FinTech and an opportunity to specialise in AI in Finance, Open Banking or Payments in Digital Finance. After completing the programme, participants will be able to apply digital skills in day-to-day work. The Programme grants access to a well-structured online material (short videos, live sessions & quizzes).


  • Foundations
    • Fintech 360

    • Specialisations
      • AI in Finance (AI market landscape, applications & trends AI Technologies: Machine Learning techniques, NLP and recommended engines AI use cases in Finance and Enterprises)
      • Payments (Payments Stack: Industry fundamentals, The global regulatory landscape of the payments sector, Payment technologies and product innovations, Payment strategies & business model innovations)
      • Open Banking (Business models and implementation of new entrants, Transformation of incumbents Regulations, standards and operational Risks, Open Banking technology and security)
    • Live sessions with top industry experts


The 7 months interactive programme, led by CFTE’s renowned academic and industry experts from top universities and financial institutions enabled participants to acquire practical skills through self-paced courses, live sessions and a final assessment.

Graduates of the program are awarded a Certificate of Completion, a testament to their proficiency in Fintech and their specialised expertise in one of three areas: AI in Finance, Open Banking and Platforms, or Payments in Digital Finance. This comprehensive training equips participants to implement their knowledge within their banks, driving forward the advancement of the Egyptian Banking sector.

The collaboration between CFTE, EBI, and CBE is ongoing, and will be launching the Generative AI in Finance programme in February 2024.

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