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Upskilling in-service financial practitioners for a digital future in Hong Kong


2019 HKSAR Government Policy Address, the HK government stated the importance for the financial industry to prepare its employees for a digital future, with the objective of making Hong Kong a competitive centre in a fast changing world.

Cyberport was mandated to create a programme to train 2,500 professionals from 50 financial institutions across a very wide variety of topics, from Fintech to Regtech, from the role of Big Tech to the applications of Big Data.

CFTE and Hong Kong Cyberport has partnered to nurture FinTech talents, thereby enrich the talent pool and promote the adoption of innovative FinTech solutions in the traditional financial services sector. CFTE will design and operate over 30 training courses with alternating teaching format, including ‘FinTech Foundation Seminars’ and ‘Deep Dive Workshop’.


The programme includes 32 virtual, live workshops, all led by recognised industry practitioners. Some workshops were open to participants of all levels, whereas others were targeted to Senior Leaders of their organisations. Each workshop has a duration of 2 hours, and has a very structured agenda, from presentations to activities to assessment, to additional reading material and learning packs.

The topics selected are combining ease of learning and business impact and will cover subject such as: Artificial Intelligence in finance, Virtual Banks as well as more specific topics like Regtech, Insurtech, cybersecurity and more. In total, 84 hours of courses were CPD accredited.


The sessions offered participants an opportunity to learn from CEOs of Startups, seasoned executives of global institutions, and thought leaders of the  industry on the latest trends and applications in specialised fintech topics such as RegTech,  InsureTech, Cybersecurity, BigTech, Open Banking, Customer centricity.

In total, more than 30 experts contributed to the programme, people such as:

  • Christophe Chazot, Ex Global Head of Innovation HSBC
  • Stephan Murer, Visiting Professor at Oxford Uni, ex Group CTO at UBS
  • Sophie Guibaud, Chief Growth Officer OpenPayd
  • David Hardoon, Senior Adviser for Data and Artificial Intelligence Union Bank of the Philippines
  • Nelson Chan, Head of Financial Services AWS
  • Kevin Mak, CEO Ironfly Tech
  • Results

    The programme saw more than 2000 registrations from executives and decision makers from more than 50 Financials institutions. Here are some of the results of the programme:

  • A very large number of financial institutions involved and engaged and 95% of the participants across all sessions rated the Sessions Excellent, Very Good or Good.
  • And despite COVID, a hybrid graduation ceremony took place.
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