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As a technology-driven company, PayPal utilise advanced technology in their operations. Additionally, as a finance company, it recognise the importance of understanding artificial intelligence for automating their internal financial processes.

As a result, PayPal was one of the sponsors of the course of CFTE’s Artificial Intelligence in Finance. It also encouraged many of their employees in the Singapore office to take the course to help them understand the innovative possibilities of artificial intelligence in finance, amidst a world that is continually evolving.


After the course, PayPal organised live events, such as conferences and internal graduation events, to further discuss and integrate AI in compliance. These events were open to both internal and external attendees and provided opportunities for networking and learning from industry experts.


The specialisation covered of 4 modules covering the following topics:
  • Foundations of AI in Finance: The basics of what AI is and its trends in the industry
  • Emerging technologies : Machine Learning Techniques, NLP and Recommendation Engines
  • Implementation strategies in large organisations : Approach to implement AI to achieve the strategic objectives of an organisation
  • Application of AI in Finance : Use cases of AI in wealth management, insurance, credit sourcing, fraud detection, etc.

    These courses were taught by global experts with a very large variety of organisations, geographical, and gender diversity.

    For example:
  • Ayesha Khanna, co-founder of ADDO.AI and member of World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council
  • Jean-Philippe Desbiolles, Global VP, IBM Watson
  • Philip Watson, Global Head of Innovation, Citi Private Bank
  • Stephan Murer, former Group CTO at UBS, and lecturer at Oxford
  • Winnie Cheng, Director of AI Lab at PwC


The overall initiative was highly successful, with employees like Rahul going on to work at companies like Amazon. The social and networking aspect of the program was also highly valued, as it allowed for employees to learn and grow together.

PayPal also organised other events to promote the sharing of knowledge and networking among the participants.

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