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2022 Summer Academy

The Summer Academy is a fast-paced, intensive internship experience for students at CFTE offices in London and Singapore. The programme is designed to provide a comprehensive, eye-opening and life changing Fintech experience at CFTE. This is your chance to see what it’s like to work in a startup environment, get plunged into the thriving Fintech space, and learn the essential and desired skills for your career! You’ll be working on some of the most important topics of today: digital transformation, disruptive business models, emerging technologies, among many others.

Per the nature of the Internship, we are not looking for specific experiences or backgrounds but for motivated talents with an entrepreneurial mindset and a clear interest in Fintech, whom we’ll train, mentor and work with our team. Moreover, we are building a community of individuals and organisations that are shaping the future of the financial industry, joining for an internship would allow you to be part of CFTE ecosystem.

Highly competitive

Limited spaces available

In 2021, we had over 1,000 applicants but only 1% were accepted. This year we aim to take on 10 successful applicants in our London office and 5 in our Singapore office. Although it is a highly competitive programme, there is no pre-requisite for specific degrees or experience.

This is a great opportunity to get insights on the Fintech industry and build impactful solutions to tackle the next generation of Fintech problems. You’ll be joining a small but highly motivated team who’s building the future of education in finance. Although we’re small, we’re punching way above our weight, and are supported by a network of hundreds of experts from Citi to Revolut, from Consensys to Uber, from Imperial College to Oxford. 

What We Are Looking For

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Pro-active, Result-driven, Adaptable, Curious


clear communication


Hear from our previous interns


We know that students do not have much experience, and are not looking for specific experience. 

We are looking for motivated individuals who can demonstrate a strong interest in Fintech, strong skills (presentation, analytical, teamwork) as well as the “entrepreneur mindset”. 

We do not look for specific majors. As part of the recruitment process, we do not ask for CVs and therefore do not know the majors of the students until the last stage.

We select based on skills, mindset and demonstrable interest in Fintech

Previous interns had very diverse background, from finance to economics, from chemistry to politics, from computer science to biochemistry.

It is a paid internship.

The Summer internships are in-person internships and take place in either the London or Singapore offices of CFTE.

Since they are intense experience with a steep learning curve, we prefer an in-person experience. 

Exceptional candidates might be considered for remote positions.

The internship starts early May in Singapore and mid June in London, for a period of 3 to 6 months.

CFTE is one of the largest Fintech education platforms, with more than 100k professionals improving their knowledge and careers through our courses. More than 300 global experts teach at CFTE, from Fintech CEOs to heads of innovation, from investors to regulators, on topics such as AI, Fintech, Open Banking, Digital Payments or NFTs. 

In the fast growing world of digital finance, CFTE bridges the gap to ensure that all have the right skills to thrive and make an impact. 


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Key dates

London: Start date mid June

Singapore: Start date in May

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