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Building a stronger compliance department with digital finance at UOB


UOB, with the Group Head of Compliance leading the initiative, aimed to upskill their compliance department to better handle challenges in the modern world of finance. To achieve this, CFTE and UOB have partnered to deliver a series of programmes for employees, starting with a foundation in digital finance and Fintech, and then moving on to specialised training in applying artificial intelligence to the compliance function. All employees in the compliance group underwent the training, which culminated in graduation presentations. Additionally, UOB built an internal group called Triple A, focused on automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence, to work closely with compliance officers and develop the necessary tools.


The programme was followed the four steps: The first step was to have all the compliance officers acquire the foundations of digital finance. Indeed, they all went through the Fintech Foundation course to have an understanding of the context of what was happening in the industry at large. The next step was to understand Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which is why they went through the Specialisation of AI in Finance. Lastly, there was an end of programme conference with experts’ discussions. Hundreds of participants attended  and celebrated this milestone. Overall, the programme included 40 hours of online courses, case studies and assessment, and was delivered over a period of one year.


The Fintech Foundation course introduced the compliance officers to the world of fintech, its building blocks, and its key players. It was taught by well renowned industry experts such as Anne Boden, CEO and founder of Starling Bank, Claire Calmejane, Group CIO of Societe Generale, Daniel Aranda, Ex-Managing Director Europe of Ripple ect. On the other hand, the AI in Finance course gave the participants an overview of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on different industries. From exploring use cases of AI in a variety of sectors to seeing how it is implemented in large organisations, participants have developed a **Triple A understanding**: leverage Automation, Analytics and AI to optimise AML and KYC processes.


The results of the training programme were highly successful, with the compliance group quickly transitioning from learning to implementation of advanced technology in their function. The compliance group now boasts a highly advanced team of officers who are well-equipped to handle the latest technology and challenges in compliance. Furthermore, UOB and Deloitte co-authored a paper to share their knowledge to the industry.

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