Future Skills Forum

8 May 2024 | Museum of the Future, Dubai

Nations and organisations empowering the workforce of the future

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About the Future Skills Forum

An invite-only forum to learn, connect, and exchange

The Future Skills Forum brings together a respected assembly of 500 industry leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs and technologists to create connections, discuss and debate on the strategies to build future-proof workforces at country and organisation level. 

As technology transforms all industries, the role of people has never been more important. Preparing citizens and employees to a world of new skills is now an imperative, and the Forum will support discussions to share experience, approaches and best practices from around the world.

Workforce of the futhre

The forum in numbers

A unique event for those who care about transforming countries and organisations by focusing on people

Industry leaders​
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Huy Nguyen Trieu

Co-Founder, CFTE

Tram Anh Nguyen

Co-Founder, CFTE

Nouran Youssef

Senior Financial Sector Specialist, Arab Monetary Fund

Saqr Ereiqat

Chief Executive Officer, Trade Dog Group

Ronit Ghose

Global head of the Future of Finance, Citi

Gaurav Dhar

CEO, Marshal

Imane Elmajdoubi

Director - Financial Services Industry UAE, Microsoft

Nameer Khan

Chairman, MENA Fintech Association

Dr. Allen Baby

Acting Chief Learning Officer (CLO), Emirates Institute of Finance

Arun Mehta

Head of Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (CDAO), First Abu Dhabi Bank

Roundtable Discussions

In the afternoon, the Skills Future Forum will transition into insightful roundtable discussions featuring senior leaders from finance and technology industries as well as the public sectors.

These discussions centre around the profound impact of technology on future skills.
80+ Senior leaders with observants to provide a platform for sharing key insights and experiences on highly impactful topics affecting the changing landscape of skills.

The goal is to collect the best practices from both the public and private sectors in navigating the swiftly evolving finance landscape, especially as new technologies are reshaping every facet of the traditional financial system. Roundtables serve as an important catalyst to bring together leading individuals with their own unique experience, to identify the important trends of the industry and develop initiatives and programmes to support the growth of a future-proof workforce.

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Thought Leadership Reports

From the roundtable discussions, CFTE will create invaluable reports, serving as a bridge that extends the reach and impact of these forums beyond their immediate audience.  They encapsulate and disseminate the wealth of insights, fostering broader industry engagement and providing actionable intelligence for stakeholders.

We would like these reports to underscore the thought leadership of participants and organisers, documenting the progressive ideas and collaborative efforts that drive the sector forward.

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8 May 2024 – Museum of the Future, Dubai

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For more information, contact us at mena@cfte.education 

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